My Introduction!

Sunset over Tinto
Sunset over Tinto

Hi may I take my first blog to introduce myself to all interested parties on the great outdoors. You must forgive me if I make some elementary mistakes on  this media platform as this is all really quite new to me.

My reason for setting this account up was a great wish to share and discuss issues relating to our mountains and wilderness regions throughout the UK.

I am relatively new to activities in the mountains which started in seriousness about 4 years ago  I am a keen amateur photographer and it was a trip to Loch Lomonds east shores that got me hooked on hillwalking and wild camping.

It was on a beautiful early summers morning trying to capture varying lights dancing of the water that I noticed a group congregating in a nearby car park laden with rucksacks and walking poles. Being of an inquisitive nature I wondered where they were headed as they walked off to a small path winding its way through  a small wooded copse. This particular area was new to me so with my days sustenance in my camera bag I decided to follow the path unknowingly that it would lead me to the summit of Ben Lomond.

It was a perfect day the sun was high in the sky and not a cloud to be seen although with hindsight and the experiance I now have gathered I wasn’t exactly prepared for a day on the mountain  no map or compass proper footwear the list goes on.

After what seemed to be an eternity and painful slog I encountered my first summit and was taken aback by the number of people sitting up there chatting and having lunch. To the untrained observer it looked like an organised social event however after a couple of kindly gents sat down close by they explained this was all part of the pastime hobby, sport, call it what you may of hillwalking.

To look at these two gents they were tanned lean and incredibly fit looking compared to the bulk that I carried to the top my estimation was that they were in their early sixties  but I could not have been further from the truth they were both seventy five and seventy six respectively I nearly choked on my ham sandwich.

This is exactly when that bug we all talk about bit and bit hard I wanted to strive and gain the knowledge and fitness my new found friends had this is the moment my life of suburban imprisonment ended and the new found freedom of the great outdoors was born.

May I take this opportunity to thank anyone whom has taken the time to read this first attempt at Blogging any feedback would be kindly appreciated.


One thought on “My Introduction!

  1. A good Intro Rob. Concise and earnest, certainly less long-winded than my first blog was! I find it difficult not to waffle even when writing lol
    I've bumped into folk in their late 80's on the tops of big hills and it never ceases to amaze me.


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