calm before the storm
Extreme test for the new Luxe Hex Peak
Winds reaching 50mph+


Early morning ,still standing and no damage.

As you may know from previous posts I have grown to love the LUX HEX PEAK SHELTER I recently received an email from Michael the designer and producer of the Hex regarding points raised on the 2014 model.

He has kindly gave me permission to share with you some of the modifications for 2015 known as the Hex V4 and he shall  be sending me the final drafts shortly after he has them translated.

Firstly the most common problem was the stress points on the inner corners of the tub which were prone to tearing, these have now been strengthened. The inner has been made longer for the taller person adding 7-8cm and weighs in at 620g

Michael has sent out a follow up email regarding the the pole set up which may consist of two poles this is rather sketchy at the moment but shall be clarified later. My thinking is it could be similar to the hex mid.

Draft V4
Draft F4

As you can see the F6 inner the two person version fits the one person V4 giving a much larger sleeping area away from midges and other insects, although it cuts down on the cooking area slightly.

Designing the V4


On the outer fly weight 660g, are an additional 5 tie out points at the base for optional stability, the stakes slightly longer at 18cm weighing 64g.

The footprint of the V4 as the photo shows is larger than the 2014 model. Weight therefore will be compromised a little, however that should not factor to much for a quality shelter.

Comparisons in weight    2014:                                                                               2015
                                          outer 620g                                                                      outer 660g
                                          inner 495g                                                                      inner 620g
                                          stakes 83g                                                                       stakes 64g
To conclude this is the sign of a good designer and manufacturer, one whom is prepared to listen and act upon the needs of guys that review kit. In my opinion, I think that this could be one of the top shelters of 2015.
Production starts shortly on the new V4.

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