Social Media Courtesy

I  have recently shut down my blogger account transferred and revamped Summituphere? 

My first post on WordPress , was to be on my forthcoming hike up the Great Glen Way and East Highland Way, however I have become disconcerted at some rather unsavoury comments made to fellow outdoor Bloggers.

Being a bit longer in the tooth than some, and the advances in social media outlets, they were initially  a little overwhelming for someone of my background. Now having spent a number of years exploring the Great Outdoors and climbing many of our munros and corbetts I had an unquenchable thirst for the knowledge and experiences of other like minded people. Moving to the social media sites was a slow progression from dedicated magazines.

My understanding had been rightly or wrongly, was to share  knowledge and skills gained from spending time in the mountains, whether it may be hiking ,climbing or wild camping. Over the past number of years I have acquired some great advice from people far more experienced in certain aspects of mountain skills than I, knowledge is priceless.

This leads me onto my main point, we have fellow outdoor enthusiasts out there whom make the choice of sharing their trips and small adventures with us all via Blogs,Twitter, Facebook etc . It takes a certain amount of courage and confidence to put pen to paper for all to critique, however we have to understand that the majority that do are not professional writers and gain no monetary value from it.

You may ask yourself why do they put themselves out there ? could it be for the love of the outdoors and the anticipation of sharing it with us all , or because simply they like to write. For me it is a little of both , but admittedly I have to be in the mood or mode for writing and time can be a factor as well, or as  in this case stirred into what I feel is unjust.

You may not agree with the content of an article or opinion ,fine but that doesn’t give you the right to use foul language or start name calling, we can all put points across in a disagreement or debate, some more eloquently than others, name calling loses the respect I had for your points of view all be it the correct one.

The biggest irritant for me is a fellow blogger criticising someones grammar or punctuation. I am not particularly top of the class on these topics myself and take more time than most to construct a Blog or similar writings. But in defence of all of us not blessed in that department, remember these guys and girls have other skills, skills that you do not have that is almost certain.  If you cannot say it face to face don’t do it behind a keyboard.

I would much rather spend time on a mountainside in the knowledge that my companion has the relevant skills out here to keep safe in all weather conditions than having to worry where my next apostrophe or comma should be.

Take the example of the professional footballer skills in abundance and overpaid. How many of those guys write there own books or journals? not many i would imagine.

To paraphrase a quote from our own Keith Foskett, “persistance and desire can conquer any gaps in skill, knowledge and qualifications” taken from Keiths new book Balancing the Blue a brilliant read.

Consideration please for fellow Bloggers.

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