Kit Snobbery

Have you encountered those that look down their noses at your selection of kit just because it doesn’t have the usual branded name?

I have came across this quite often over the years but strangely it is only on the Internet in various walking and climbing forums, I have never encountered it once in the mountains through all my pleasant chats with like so minded people.

In a nutshell then are these people what they call nowadays “keyboard warriors” people that would not comment on your kit in a chance meeting but like to express their sometimes overstated opinion on the Internet.

You see what really annoys me here is the disrespect shown to those that opt for a less popular branded piece of kit, firstly they do not know that persons particular circumstances unless stated, a newbie coming into our sport or hobby is not going to spend hundreds of pounds or dollars on kit until they are sure they are going to carry on with it or ultimately catch the bug which inadvertently never leaves us.

Then there are those whom financialy cannot meet the costs of  some of the over inflated prices we see in the high street. Now before I get shouted down here on the safety  aspect I am not putting cost before good safe practice if it does the job you are looking for it necessarily doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Technical kit such as crampons obviously needs proper sound advice and you will get that in a good outdoor high Street store, however whenever it comes to technical clothing you purchase what you can afford and through experience you gain an insight into what is going to work for you.

My personal circumstances way back when I started was to use the less expensive option and it was only through experience and finances that I eventually moved up to the high quality technical gear, whether  it be clothing, shelters or footwear. But if you see what you deem to be a bargain out of trespass for instance and you know it will do a job, fine you then purchase it.

Don’t be put off posting your kit choices nor asking for advice, but beware taking advice from those that shoot you down on less expensive kit, MRT have a saying ” all the gear but no idea!

Enjoy and keep safe.



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